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The Transsexual Basic Instinct

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The Transsexual Basic Instinct

Last night I got a call from a guy who want to come to visit me at short notice late at night.
I have to say this is not a usual booking for me because my clients normal book our dates in advance (sometimes way too far in advance)

"Hi Lalita, Can I come to see you tonight? I am not far away from you".
Well, my last business call is usually around midnight and now it 's 38 minutes to close the line. I am not sure I can have you tonight!
What's your name? I asked
"Eric" he responded.

"I am about to finish the day today. I need my beauty sleep
" Please I really need to have a good TS experience and tonight is a good chance for me, please consider" He sounded very convincing
"Well Eric if you come in 10 minutes I might consider to have you tonight" I hope I did not put much pressure on him but I really need an early night.
Honestly I did not take this appointment seriously as I did not think he can come to see me within 10 minutes.

Exactly 10 minutes later my phone was staring to ring!
" Babe It's me again I am here can I come in??" Eric said.
Oh no I have just washing up my face and I did not expect this.
I had a quick change and check him out.
I can see him at the intercom screen and I also pop my head down to see him standing at the front main door.

He was staring at the door waiting for the door to be opened.
I pressed the button to get the door open, my hand still held the phone talking with him and the other hand awkwardly putting make up on my face!
He climbed up the stair and knock my door then I open the door to him.
“ Hi Eric My name is Lalita you just make it in time”
" Nice to meet you in time you are looking good"
Have you been drinking ? " I asked Actually I don't have to ask coz I can obviously tell that he was.
" Just a glass I hope you don't mind" Eric response with strong alcohol from his breath!
Mid 30s, smart black jeans with stripe shirt. I have to say he is not too bad, decent looking, nice face but I just felt something was not normal about his behaviour.

My basic instinct is good that I have been with a lot of strangers and I got a feeling this is not normal.
Bad eyes contact, his responses and conversation, had his eyes are scrolling around checking out my flat while he talk.

I have start the conversation "Have you had sex with any transsexual before?"
"Yes umm no" " This is my first time and I always fantasize about having sex with T girl. Eric responds

“After many years of fantasizing and thinking about it( and gradually
building up )”

" Have you ever been with somebody like me ? " I ask him ( I really don't
know what to say to him !)

" So what are you waiting for - undress and please could I have the money"
He took wallet for his back jeans pocket and he said "no oh no money"
I paused and just look astonishingly. He continued searching all the pockets.
There were a scrap of white paper. (which I look like an ATM slip) and a bunch of new 20 pounds note
He passed them all to my hands and it was 200 pounds in total. "Thank you" Do you know my standard rate is 180? He said it's all yours.
I took him to my bedroom and showed him where to have a shower.
He sat down on the edge of the bed with his eyes searching (not searching on me but my bed room).
He asked me to get a glass of champagne. I closed the bedroom door and walked out to the kitchen.

I struggled with the champagne, It won't open! Yanking ...Pulling ..Twisting still tight.
I took my high heels off and try (harder)to uncork the bloody sparking.
finally I got it opened,it must be some thing to do with my high heels and the cork !
Without my high heel shoes I could walk quietly. I opened the door my bedroom.
I cannot believe my eyes, I saw Eric going though and digging my possession in the wardrobe.

Eric did not realise that I was standing in the room seeing him searching my belonging.

As I have been working in the escort services and I have a number of friends who work in the same area, I have heard a lot of stories about "unsafe and robbery from their cents".
Honestly, I have a few experiences about this thing and I am always cautions about my own safety!

My head is staring to thinking about what to do how to deal with this stranger. I could kick him out,open the door and ask my neighbour to come, ring the police, lock him in my room and get police to arrest him!

I looked, thought for a moment and then asking "Are you looking for my sexy stocking?" I am trying to be innocent and keep claim as possible.
" I don't know what I am doing" He replied without eyes contact
" I love to think you so " I smiled (trying)

Taking a deep breath, I passed the champagne to him. he emptied my glass before I even started my own drink.

He hold me,start to kiss me pretending like not thing happened.
Eric has a soft hand he use them wisely explore my breast and body.
By now he has already exposed my cock which is stiffening through the
effect of his hand encircling it and pumping it.

“For my own security I have to strip you”I try to talk serious!
“I have chosen this job in which I must make a man happy and
satisfied so I am happy offer to you if you give also provide in return.”

He throws off the smart stripe shirt, jeans and D&G underwear.
He is now naked He lies on the bed, his stiffness inviting to be touched by me.

I watch my fingers with their red nails encircle his cock again as I bend
down towards it and begin to explore his manhood ready to begin.

I think I am an expert cock sucker and I have plenty of experience - and I really appreciate and enjoy a thick hard cock in my mouth.

I feel his cock growing in my mouth and he is groaning with pleasure

" Do you want to cum? I asked

" Don't stop !!!!!I must cum "

So I replace the dick in my mouth, deep suck it and am quickly rewarded
with the hot wad exploding in my mouth.
Eric look exhausted and he could not even stand up. I ask him to rest.
He lay down for a few minutes “ I must go now ”
I am sitting on the bed and watch him get dress and he leave the room afterwards.
There is still a mysterious about why Eric is searching my wardrobe but at the end we had a good time together.

Who would have thought that you could actually have a good time with the suspected thief.

Monday, 21 June 2010

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