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I am really coming to New York Featured

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New Your USA it's my dream destination and I did plan my tour over 3 years . Having prepared myself and all visa paperwork and Finally I am here in New York!, I had to say that being independent escort in New York is not easy.

there are many fake escort profiles on the net

Yes ! Who said " being independent escort is easy" ? I am ensured you that it's not easy! I am now moving to New York for 3 weeks, I am facing a lot of issues that I haven't  experienced before in my escort life.

Normally when I went to any country for escort touring, I simply changed my location and advertised on local escort website then my job is Done! On the other hands, moving to New York was not that easy. I guessed that I am still new in the area and plus there are many fake escort profiles on the net.

Most of the telephone conversation from my clients want to know whether I am the real person and same person on my Ads. I am totally understand my clients who had bad experiences with fake photos/profiles so that I have to come up with a new plan to overcome this problem!

I am committing myself to keep up good services and making good friend

I have done a lot to proof and verify myself  for example, having a new website to proof my identity with more photos and videos, get my new photos or video holding my name and my telephone number, put my activities on my social network and more importantly be more patient about this issue.  After 4 weeks I have came across to all this issues and overcome this.
Apparently I had more  and more returning clients and new clients who serious about meeting. I have to say thank you to all clients and my website visitors who trust me and welcome me to New York.


I am committing myself to keep up good services and making good friend in New York. I am thrilled to be here and I have prepared myself to meet all of you in New York.

IF you have any comments, suggestions about aforementioned issued please feel free to share and I will response to you all






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