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"First-Timer with Transsexual"

IMG 6600 1Part 1: TS myth " Am I gay if I want to have sex with TS??

Let's dispel one myth before I am beginning to more in details. Frequently asked question :: I love to have sex with Transsexual, am I a Gay or not ??

You don't have to be gay if you fancy or already had experience with TS. It's all about the sexual desires and fulfilling your fantasy! If you are really curious about how it feel when you are having sex with TS and you cannot stopping thinking about it - I can assure you " This is normal

More than 70 percents of my elite gentlemen who come to experience TS Lalita have not had sex with TS or man previously. I must say that they are just like ordinary guys that have the normal straight man tastes. Like other typically gentlemen, people who want to have sex with TS because they adore the feminine attractions, good appearances and more importantly they love adventure, challenge and fun sex which is I really thinking that what's really making him a man !

To substantiate this, most of my clients really love my femininity elements - nice lovely face, long hair, great make up and they also like me to ware high heals, sexy outfit, nylon stocking, and so on. In turn, I have found that my elite gentlemen are really appreciated the woman factors and they are really seems to enjoying I have done for them. Ironically, I love to consider myself as a woman without thinking about the role of active or passive actions in the bed. I am a kind of "woman on top" as well as the "woman on swap" that have fun both way.

For those who think TS is like women, they are generally not the aggressors in bed and want to be "taken," they usually aren't the ones to initiate sex by pulling their men into the bedroom.Then - You are wrong. TS can start - you up and make the move faster than you thought ! Especially pre-op TS still have the same pleasurable from the ejaculations.

No matter you are "bottom" male hoping that a pre-op TS will bend you over and fuck you.OR " top" male hoping that you can control the game and enjoy fucking TS. TS seems to have an amazing ability meet your sexual desires.

You expect to pay an escort for that service. That is mostly what they specialize in...........[ TO BE CONTINUED]

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